How to Fix the “Visible Hands” issue on UDK

Yesterday I made a quick video on how to fix a UDK issue that happens when you activate the no default inventory option on it. There are several ways to deal with it, but this is the most quick and simple way to do it.

Hope is useful to you!

Stuff that I’ve been doing

It has being some time since I did a post, well that’s because I’m in a bit of a crunch time right now which mostly concentrates on my Thesis work and my actual work.  I’ve got 3 as an Instructor for an introductory class in Computers and IT. I have to say its being a really nice experience, and next semester would probably be my last doing it.

My thesis has to do with the study of Immersion and Presence in Videogames. Right now I won’t go too much in detail on it, just let me say that I’ve being working with UDK to setup my experiment. I have learned a lot of 3D games design these couple of months and a lot on how Videogame 3D engine works as a whole. Although there’s a learning curve, engines help you a ton, and definitely, if engines like this didn’t exist my thesis would be impossible. After I finish my work here I would like to go even go further and work in a fully fledged game using this tool.

Personal projects are also rolling a bit slowly this past month. We got a big bummer when National STEM Video Game Challenge finally revealed their rules for the 2012 competition. In few words, they don’t accept international students. Oh well, we were working on this really awesome concept and an innovative technology for the game (kudos to Eugenio for that), but the project got canned because of this. In any case we will move on to another competition with a different proposal. I’ll post more on that later.

Other than that I have been elected as President of the International Student Association in UTPA. Think are going smoothly and we had two fund raisers already. So far the entire organization have being helping a lot, so I think this next semester we will be able to do some trips and events.

Got a lot of ideas for some post, hopefully I will be able to write them and share it with you soon enough!.