From Boids to Documents – Part 3

If you haven’t read the previous parts check the out: Part1, Part2.

We went a step ahead an incorporated Kinect support. Why? Because it can augment perception and overall experience of the visualization and because it’s fun.

So we proceed to add head tracking coupled with 3D stereo and projected it using two high definition stereoscopic projectors. The results were amazing. Here’s a quick video that I made on my tablet, it shows the use of both the regular desktop interfaces and the Kinect one:

Imagine, head tracking changes perspective according to your body movements and the 3D glasses producing a good depth effect, it is exactly as if you were watching all these elements interacting though a real window.

The visualization team here at UTPA is really proud on what has been accomplished this summer, and we still have some other stuff coming, is not over yet!.

Next post: more about my nearly done Thesis and some Software Design (UX) personal projects that are in the oven.

2 Comments on “From Boids to Documents – Part 3”

  1. Eugenio says:

    Cool! The demo looks pretty cool! Did you guys use the SDK? C#?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, the Kinect code is all C# with the official SDK, as well as the parser. Graphics was all C++, WinAPI and OpenGL.

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